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Project Description
This is a little project I started during Windows 8 Hackathon in Nuernberg, Germany. My first intention was to experiment with the new Apis of Windows 8 and - as you see in the screenshot above - how to render 3D in Windows 8. It is a clone of the popular Snake game and meant to give the user a little alternation from other actions.

As you can see on the Screenshot I want to create a look and feel like the start screen of Windows - the main difference is 3D, but the objects should look similar (OK, the snake itself is an exception to this sentence). By the way, this is the reason for the "Mosaic" within the title.

Technical details
Now to the topic developers are interested in. The game is completely written in C# and Xaml, no other languages are used in the whole project. The project contains a little 3D engine I have ported from some of my own Desktop (Wpf / Win.Forms) projects. The engine is using the SharpDX library to make calls to DirectX3D. For the UI on the other side Xaml is used (OK, what else..).

State of the project
The groundwork is done. The 3d engine works, the snake moves, touch interface should work (still waiting for Currently on the worklist:

  • Finishing UI controls (GameOver screen, StartScreen, Help, ...) 
  • Some kind of HighScore or at least a summary of the game

Further Screenshots

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